About Jerusalem Fellowships:

The Jerusalem Fellowships was established in 1985, under the leadership of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan as the Honorary Chairman, and has since then enabled over 20,000 young adults to participate in Israel Leadership trips. The programs are a blend of educational content and experiences focusing on Jewish identity and Israel advocacy. They include touring and encounters that build connections with the land and people of Israel.

The Jerusalem Fellowships has been the driving force in producing many highly committed and talented leaders for Jewish communities worldwide. Dozens of organizations have been spun out or created because of the Fellowships. Thousands of vibrant Jewish families exist today as a direct result of the students' experiences on their JF Israel trip.

The Jerusalem Fellowships works with an array of organizations, most of which were established by the Fellowships.

An average of 1000 young adults participate in JF Israel trips annually. These young adults receive scholarships that cover the direct cost of their trips ranging from $2000 to $3000. These scholarships come from local and national Jewish organizations, a few major foundations, the Israeli government and supporters of the Jerusalem Fellowships.

The Jerusalem Fellowships also provides scholarships and support to about 300 men and women in Israel, enabling them to pursue individual and group Jewish study courses designed for young adults from limited Jewish backgrounds.















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